Creativity in Storytelling Pt. 2: Learn How NASA Does Brand Partnerships

by Matt Oxley

As a brand, NASA does partnerships just about better than anyone (in our opinion). From LEGO to Sesame Street, Comic-Con to Peanuts, NASA has hand-picked these and other meaningful partnerships that deliver for the brand, without the ability to spend on traditional marketing (e.g. paid media). 

In Chapters 3 & 4 of Episode 1 of the Opal Foundations Series, we discuss the strategy and tactics that NASA taps to develop and maintain successful brand partnerships and the role teamwork plays in achieving success in brand storytelling. The results? Award-winning content that consistently stands out in the feed, time after time. 

We present the final chapters of our conversation with Ashely Edwards, NASA’s Communications Manager for Human Exploration and Operations, from Episode 1: Creativity in Storytelling. 


Opal Foundations Series Ep. 1 | Chapter Three


Opal Foundations Series Ep. 1 | Chapter Four

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