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OPAL FOUNDATIONS SERIES | EP. 1 Creativity in Storytelling with Ashley Edwards at NASA

by Matt Oxley

As a co-founder and a member of the executive team at Opal, I have focused lately on enabling brands to become more foundationally organized (read our CEO’s post here that highlights our approach.) As our customer advocacy leader, it is my job to make sure the stories of our customers are being heard — and that we are learning all we can from the work they are building in Opal. One of the things I’ve had the privilege of witnessing at Opal is the magic that happens when marketing and communications teams become foundationally organized. These teams are empowered to create meaningful, effective, and creative brand stories.


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To bring value to our community of forward-thinking marketers, I am honoured to bring you the Opal Foundations Series. This series will bring you lessons learned from the frontlines by some of the most exceptional marketers, communicators and storytellers from the world’s most iconic brands.

To help us launch this new series, we called upon one of our longest-standing customers whose storytelling is truly second to none. We’ve been working with NASA for the past eight years, empowering them in their marketing and communications efforts, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a front-row seat to experience their team bringing amazing, award-winning work — through numerous launches and milestones — to life.

Something I’ve always admired about NASA is their ability to tell captivating stories that transcend audiences, despite not being able to rely on traditional marketing tactics such as paid media or market research. The manner in which they are able to inspire again and again, capture imaginations, and create lasting emotional connections with almost everyone is truly remarkable.

In this first episode, which we’ve titled, Creativity in Storytelling, you will meet Ashley Edwards, Communications Manager for Human Exploration and Operations at NASA. Ashley will walk you through the approach she takes with her team to inspire bold work, and capture the imagination of the world, in ways you wouldn’t expect from a traditional marketing team.


Chapters one and two of this four-chapter episode are out today and you can watch them above. In these chapters, Ashley outlines the steps she takes to set her team up for success. She shares her coaching on understanding a brand’s value, uncovering the nugget of truth, and making storytelling personal.

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