Ebook: Telling a Consistent Story in the DTC Era

by Alan Cassinelli

DTC marketers are asked to do more than ever before.

They have to be more than just a brand specialist, or a growth specialist, or analytics specialist — DTC marketers must be all of these at once. They have to reach a customer, bring them down the funnel, then retain them all while maintaining a consistent level of branding.

In the face of this great challenge, the successful DTC marketers are the ones who are able to stay laser-focused across their roles on telling a consistent story to their customers.

Hear from the following DTC industry leaders on why brand consistency is more important than ever:

  • Eric Toda, Opal Advisor and DTC Marketer
    Previously at Hill City (Gap Inc.), Airbnb, Snapchat and Nike
  • Nik Sharma, DTC Strategist & Investor at Sharma Brands
    Previously at Hint, Vaynermedia, VOX, Judy and more 
  • Matthew Kerbel, Head of Marketing + Brand Strategy at Canoo
    Previously at MeUndies, Lyft, and Activision
  • Justin Seago, Former Head of Marketing at 23andMe
    Previously Global Brand Marketing Manager at Nike

Download our guide to learn all the key drivers of achieving brand consistency:

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