Q&A with Brian Becker, JPMorgan Chase

Q&A with Brian Becker, JPMorgan Chase

In my job, I have the privilege of helping marketers shape the way their teams work together and improving their brand marketing process. Recently I’ve been spending a good deal of time speaking with marketers working in the financial services sector. I was lucky enough to sit down with Brian Becker, executive director and head of content at JPMorgan Chase & Co., to get his perspective on marketing one of the premier financial institutions in the world.

Brian coordinates content strategy and marketing operations for JPMorgan Chase and has deep experience with the key challenges and opportunities facing financial services organizations today and he was nice enough to share some of his thoughts.

What is the biggest challenge that financial services companies see when developing their brand stories?

Finding the right mix of topics that overlap, between content that will make sense coming from Chase (where we will have credibility) and content that is engaging to consumers.

Can you share any lessons you’ve learned during your successful career developing engaging financial services marketing programs?   

Consideration of new formats of storytelling (e.g. animated videos, photo lead stories) since those have become so much more shareable and engaging. Secondly, building episodic content that is streamed together as part of a broader franchise – we’ve built series like “From the Ground Up,” “The 5 Essentials of..” and “Letters to my Younger Self” that all hit their goals and have performed really well.

How do think about brand consistency and what do you believe are the keys to managing your brand’s voice?

Brand consistency is challenging since you have so many various internal partners with different goals. We’ve built guidelines and share them with internal teams and creators to help make our content more consistent. It has improved as we’ve hired more editors to help manage that conflict.

How has the increase in channels and consumer touch points impacted how you develop the content strategy?

We’ve begun to design our content increasingly on distribution channels like social, search, syndication, etc. and change the formats and promotional copy for each instance. This is time-consuming, but worth it because most often consumers are engaging with those front areas more than the website content.

What trends are you most excited about, specifically for the Financial Services category? 

Publishers and brands are at a crossroads with display, so movements to native advertising and sponsored content are a nice medium, where publishers get to maintain revenue and brands get to speak more openly to consumers around important topics. There are so many creative programs that are doing this effectively and the space is still evolving, so we are bullish that it’s going to be a great new ad format that we can be helpful within.

Thank you, Brian for sharing with us. We look forward to celebrating the continued success of you and your team.